Programming Cares

Break your work into little pieces and focus on one task at a time. (Keep yourself tension free)

Until you require public variable, declare the variables private

Do not write all code by yourself if the same is already provided by java, use the respective provided class or method etc

If you use a hardcoded value more than one time consider making it public final constant in a separate .java file

Always prepare a document of your working procedure for your projects work-flow

Do not put bunch of lines in one method/function. put common code in separate method/function

Keep your common code in separate .java and reuse it whenever , wherever required

For any kind of code-work first do basic work on paper

Make it habitual to take backup of your work or code

Always put at least one line explanation comment in your code

To declare a variable first think for a while and give it a meaningful name

Method should not have more that three arguments, keep the arguments as less as possible


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