Expense Reporter



Expense Reporter App


Get the Easiest and Very User friendly app to mange your EXPENSES in your Android.
Get it free here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.raj.er
It will definitely save your money.
Try it.


1) Add/ Update/ Delete/Search Expenses
2) Daily Expense Report
3) Weekly  Expense Report
4) Monthly Expense Report
5) Yearly Expense Report
6) Category wise Expense Report
7) Date wise Expense Report
8) Password protection enable/disable
9) PI-CHART of Expense Reports
10) Export Backup
11) Import Backup
12) Add Category
13) Add Default Items
14) Summary Reports
15) Currency Settings
16) Share/Rate/Update from the App
17) Search
18)Set Monthly Budget
19)PDF of generated Reports
20)Item Wise Report
21)Year Wise Report

Expense Reporter is a Free, very Easy to use and User Friendly App. 
which allows you to Add your expenses easily. Expense reporter has many useful features.
One of the main feature is Reports. Expense Reporter give you all possible kind of reports which you will ask in any Expense related App.
i.e Daily, weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Datewise, Category wise report, PI-Chart reports, summary of all reports in one.
Further Expense reporter provide features like  Secure Login , Backup and Email , Import Backup feature 
and there Custom Category,  Currency setting and Login Enable/Disable feature. 

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One Response to Expense Reporter

  1. best app. so simple. so useful. provides app kinds of reports.

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