Battery Charging Alarm


BCW : Battery Charging Warner
Save your Phone’s Battery Life using Battery Charging Warner
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While charging your Phone, App will comes up Automatically. 

BCW : Protect your Phone battery from Overcharging.
It lets you to set alarm at particular charging level of Battery. 
It will display a warning message and will continuously play the Tone until you stop it or plug or unplug the charger or exit the app. 

0) Plug and Play App
1) Shows Current Charging Level
2) Set Alarm at Particular charging level
3) Shows Current Charging Mode (AC or USB)
4) Shows Warning message when reached to Set Alarm Level and Plays Alarm
5) Battery Charging Percentage Color according to current charging Level
6) Default Charging level for Alarm is 80%
7) Set Volume for the Alarm Tone
8) Dynamic battery level with proper colors and level in percentage

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