Finding, Searching, and Replacing


 Ctrl-F3                        Search word at insert point


F3/Shift-F3                Find next/previous in file


Ctrl-F/H                      Find/Replace in file


Alt-F7                                     Find usages


Ctrl-Shift-F/H            Find/replace in projects


Alt-Shift-U                 Find usages results


Alt-Shift-H                 Turn off search result highlights


Ctrl-R                          Rename


Ctrl-U,                         then U Convert selection to uppercase


Ctrl-U,                         then L Convert selection to lowercase


Ctrl-U,                         then S Toggle case of selection


Ctrl-Shift-V                Paste formatted


Ctrl-I J                         ump to quick search field


Navigating through Source Code

Ctrl-O/Alt-Shift-O      Go to type/file


Ctrl-Shift-T                 Go to JUnit test


Alt-O                           Go to source


Ctrl-B                          Go to declaration


Ctrl-G                          Go to line


Ctrl-Shift-M                            Toggle add/remove bookmark


Ctrl-Shift-Period/Comma    Next/previous bookmark


Ctrl-Period/Comma             Next/previous usage/compileerror


Ctrl-Shift-1/2/3                      Select in Projects/Files/Favorites


Ctrl-[                            Move caret to matching bracket


Ctrl-K/Ctrl-Shift K     Next/previous word match


Alt-Left/Alt-                Go backward/forward/to last


Right/Ctrl-Q               edit


Alt Up/Down                         Next/previous marked occurrence




Coding in Java


Alt-Insert                    Generate code


Ctrl-Shift-I                  Fix all class imports


Alt-Shift-I                   Fix selected class’s import


Alt-Shift-F                  Format selection


Alt-Shift Left/             Shift lines left/right/up/down



Ctrl-Shift-Up/D          Copy lines up/down


Ctrl/Alt-F12                Inspect members/hierarchy


Ctrl-/                            Add/remove comment lines


Ctrl-E                          Delete current line


JSP Editor Code Templates

ag                    application.getAttribute(“|”)


ap                    application.putAttribute(“|”,)


ar                     application.removeAttribute(“|”)


cfgi                  config.getInitParameter(“|”)


jspf                  <jsp:forward page=”|”/>


jspg                  <jsp:getProperty name=”|” property=”” />


jspi                   <jsp:include page=”|”/>


jspp                  <jsp:plugin type=”|” code=””codebase=””></jsp:plugin>


jsps                  <jsp:setProperty name=”|” property=””/>


jspu                  <jsp:useBean id=”I” type=””/>


oup                  out.print(“|”)


oupl                 out.println(“|”)



pcg                  pageContext.getAttribute(“|”)


pcgn                pageContext.getAttributeNamesInScope(“|”)


pcgs                pageContext.getAttributesScope(“|”)


pcr                   pageContext.removeAttribute(“|”)


pcs                  pageContext.setAttribute(“|”,)


pg                    <%@page |%>


pga                  <%@page autoFlush=”false”%>


pgb                  <%@page buffer=”|kb”%>


pgc                  <%@page contentType=”|”%>


pgerr                <%@page errorPage=”|”%>


pgex                <%@page extends=”|”%>


pgie                 <%@page isErrorPage=”true”%>


pgim                <%@page import=”|”%>


pgin                 <%@page info=”|”%>


pgit                  <%@page isThreadSafe=”false”%>


pgl                   <%@page language=”java”%>


pgs                  <%@page session=”false”%>


rg                     request.getParameter(“|”)


sg                    session.getAttribute(“|”)


sp                    session.setAttribute(“|”, )


sr                     session.removeAttribute(“|”)


tglb                  <%@taglib uri=”|”%>




Ctrl-F5                        Start debugging main project


Ctrl-Shift-F5              Start debugging current file


Ctrl-Shift-F6              Start debugging test for file


Shift-F5/F5                Stop/Continue debugging session


F4                               Run to cursor location in file


F7/F8                          Step into/over


Ctrl-F7                        Step out


Ctrl-Alt-Up                 Go to called method


Ctrl-Alt-Down            Go to calling method


Ctrl-F9                        Evaluate expression


Ctrl-F8                        Toggle breakpoint


Ctrl-Shift-F8              New breakpoint


Ctrl-Shift-F7              New watch


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i am a software engineer. and i have decent knowledge about java technologies like ANDROID, Servlet, Jsp, Struts, Hibernet, Spring, J2ME, Java Script, Ajax, JQuery, CSS. Further i am Preparing Easy understandable materials/documents upon the same java technologies and developing project in core java , advanced java and j2me , ANDROID as per the requirements Also designing the web sites and logos Thank You.
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