Design pattern : Factory Design Pattern
 we have a super class and sub-classes and we need to return object of any subclass according to the data  
 provided  then we use the Factory Pattern.

 This is a program of Factory Design pattern


 * @author RK

class Department{
    String name;
    String charCode;

    public Department(String name,String charCode) {;

    public String getName(){
        return name;
    public String getCharCode(){
        return charCode;

class Sales extends Department{

    public Sales(String name){
        System.out.println(“Your Department in “+name+” department”);

class Purchase extends Department{
    public Purchase(String name){
        System.out.println(“Your Department in “+name+” department”);

class Account extends Department{
    public Account(String name){
        System.out.println(“Your Department in “+name+” department”);

public class FactoryPattern {

    public static void main(String RK[]){
        FactoryPattern start=new FactoryPattern();
        //Department d=start.getDepartment(“Purchase”,”P”);
        Department d=start.getDepartment(RK[0],RK[1]);
        System.out.println(“Department name : “;
        System.out.println(“Department code : “+d.charCode);
    public Department getDepartment(String name,String charCode){
            return new Purchase(name);
        }else if(charCode.equals(“S”)){
            return new Sales(name);
        }else if(charCode.equals(“A”)){
            return new Account(name);
            return null;


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