List allStudents=Student.getStudentsByInstitution(instName);


Assume above line will give store few Student objects in allStudents list  so, here below code will sort all the Student objects in allStudents respective to firstname attribute


Collections.sort(allStudents, new Comparator() {
public int compare(Object o1, Object o2) {
    Student s1 = (Student)o1;
    Student s2 = (Student)o2;
    String f1 = s1.getFirstName();
    String f2 = s2.getFirstName();  
    return f1.trim().compareToIgnoreCase(f2.trim());  

   for(Student studObj:allStudents) {
      out.println(” FirstName : “+studObj.getFirstName());
      out.println(” LastName : “+studObj.getLastName());


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