SMS of the day [ 07/07/2011 ]

JO kolambas ne wife hot to te kadi AMERICA ni sodh kari sakyo hot?
Km ?
Wife :tame kya jao chho ?
Koni sathe ?
Shana mate ?
Su sodhva ?
Ena thi su thay?
Tame eklaj jao chho ?
Bija nathi?
Tame jaso pachhi hu su karish ?
Hupan avu ?
Kyare avso pachha ?
Kya raheso ?
Kya jamso ?
Mane bhuli nahi jao ne ?
Kolambas : le mari maa nathi jato . Khush !!


About rajkirpal

i am a software engineer. and i have decent knowledge about java technologies like ANDROID, Servlet, Jsp, Struts, Hibernet, Spring, J2ME, Java Script, Ajax, JQuery, CSS. Further i am Preparing Easy understandable materials/documents upon the same java technologies and developing project in core java , advanced java and j2me , ANDROID as per the requirements Also designing the web sites and logos Thank You.
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2 Responses to SMS of the day [ 07/07/2011 ]

  1. viji says:

    na evu na thate… kem k har kamyab admi k piche ek aurat ka hath aur sath hota he….

  2. RK says:

    nana evuj that mam.ha ha ha ha

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